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Counseling Intern Program


We are proud to offer low cost therapy through our Counselor Intern Program. Counseling Interns are master’s level students in a CSWE, COAMFTE, or CACREP accredited graduate program. Interns are carefully selected based on life experience and professional training to ensure the highest quality for our clients. 

The Counseling Intern Program allows us to:

  • Reach more clients
  • Offer deeply discounted sliding scale therapy services
  • Assist students in becoming competent and informed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, and social workers  

The program also provides opportunities for new clinicians to build soft-skills in the areas of time-management, rapport building, marketing of personal services, recognition of personal strengths, leadership, effective communication, adaptability, self-awareness, patience, and self-care. 

Working with Interns

Deciding to begin therapy can feel like a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. Therapy is a journey and some times that means we just need a place to start. 

Our internship program is designed to help you not only begin your healing process but to also provide an affordable option to trying therapy out for yourself or your loved one. Our interns are passionate and dedicated to the art of healing. They work under the supervision of Ms. Lisa Ibekwe, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Georgia. Our interns are committed to our mission to provide a therapeutic space for ALL to heal. They additionally embody our motto which is to help clients have FUN, get REAL, and HEAL! 

If you are new to therapy, only in need of a few check ins each month, or perhaps need more affordable options, then check out one of our awesome interns. 

Internship Package

  • $40 – $60 per 40 minute individual session  
  • $80 per 40 minute couple/family session
  • $300 for a package of 4 – 50 minute sessions (must be paid in full upfront)

***Please note our interns do not accept insurance and can only work with private pay and/or sliding scale clients*** 

Meet our Interns

Riley Halverson

Clinical Student Intern

In-person & virtual appts in Alpharetta

Keana Bazemore

Clinical Student Intern

In-person & virtual appts in Alpharetta

Veronica Dell'Orto



April Smith

Clinical Student Intern

In-person & virtual appts in Hiram

Tamia Jackson

Student Intern


Coming Soon

This could be you. We are always looking for awesome interns to join our Comfy Place Family!


Our internship program is focused on a foundation of teaching, guiding, and supporting mental health professionals. Our interns come from a variety of local programs, including Kennesaw State University, Mercer University, Jacksonville State University, Walden University, Valdosta State University, Capella University, Fort Valley State University, and more. The intern experience at The Comfy Place is geared around clinical exposure. We aim to help our interns nurture and develop their professional aspirations and educational goals. 

Our internship program operates on a rolling basis. The application is available here

Therapy with an Intern FAQs

We are thrilled that you are interested in reaching out for support & are considering working with one of our Clinical Student Interns. Below are FAQs about what it means to work with an intern at The Comfy Place. We hope the answers below will help you decide whether working with a Clinical Student Intern is right for you!

Internship is a rite of passage for ALL helping & medical professions. Our interns are graduate students currently enrolled in accredited programs including Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Rehabilitation Counseling or Social Work. Interns have finished- or are about to finish- all required coursework from their graduate programs, and are working towards completing internship hours so that they can pursue licensure in a mental health field.

Here at The Comfy Place, Clinical Student Interns have the same expectations as all other clinicians on the team, including maintaining a caseload and completing administrative tasks. However, interns execute these expectations on a smaller scale to make room for other expectations as outlined by their graduate program.

Absolutely. Interns have completed their coursework to receive their Masters degree in social work, counseling, rehabilitation counseling, or marriage and family therapy and are now working to implement what they have learned. Many interns have previous experience in the field and are going through training to become licensed to practice independently as a therapist. 

Aside from the reduced rate, there are some strong positives of working with an intern:

  • Smaller caseload means more focus on your needs.
  • A different kind of energy and enthusiasm than someone who’s been in the field for several years.
  • They are actively studying the most recent developments in mental health, social work, and psychology. 
  • Interns work closely with a supervisor which means you essentially have two therapists for the “price” of one. 

Working with a Clinical Student Intern is like being able to work with multiple providers simultaneously! Interns receive required weekly clinical supervision from our licensed clinical intern supervisor Lisa Ibekwe, MSW, LCSW, LICSW. Supervisors are specially trained, licensed therapists. Additionally, interns are under the supervision of professors in their graduate programs. Everything discussed between an intern and supervisor remains confidential; you can be assured of your privacy.

Our interns also attend regular consultations with members of our clinical staff. Consultations involve getting feedback from peers about one’s work with individual clients. This collaboration allows exposure to many different therapeutic styles & techniques which translates to YOU having a provider who is able to meet your concerns from a variety of professional, clinical lenses! No identifying information about a client is shared during consultations.

Interns are also still students, which means that the latest clinical research is woven into their graduate curricula, beneficially informing their direct work with you during therapy sessions.

Yes. We believe that the relationship between you and your therapist is an important factor for your progress. Your comfort with the intern will allow you to focus on yourself while obtaining the skills you need to thrive. 

We cannot guarantee a specific time frame for services since the therapeutic process is tailored to each individual. We do ask that you commit to 6-8 consecutive sessions before realistically evaluating the effectiveness of therapy. You and your therapist will collaborate to determine what frequency of sessions is most appropriate to reach your goals. 

Working with a Clinical Student Intern allows for much financial flexibility. Insurance companies are not able to reimburse interns for services. This means that The Comfy Place interns are able to schedule clients on a sliding scale or “reduced rate” basis. Interns offer a sliding scale rate of $40 – $60 per 40 minute session and $80 per 40 minute family/couples session. Working with an intern is an excellent choice if your circumstances require low cost therapy services. 

The Comfy Place believes that finances should never be a barrier to getting exceptional counseling services. Our Internship Program plays a huge role in The Comfy Place being able to welcome clients to the practice who are uninsured or otherwise unable to budget for professional therapeutic support.

Also, working with an intern is an excellent option for folks who do have insurance or do not want to submit a mental health claim through an insurance company. (Submitting insurance claims requires the need for a mental health diagnosis which becomes part of the client’s permanent medical record.)

Interns contract with the program for a minimum of 6 months to one year of service. Once that contract is complete, the student may leave the practice. At that time, you will be offered services with another therapist if you wish to continue. You also may be able to continue with the intern if they remain with the practice. In other instances, schedule permitting, that therapist may be the supervisor of the intern such that you may have a smooth transition between therapists. We can also provide referrals to therapists outside the practice if necessary. 

We look forward to having you join our Comfy Place family as an intern or as a client looking to partner with an intern!

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