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Brainspotting Therapy

"Where you look affects how you feel" - David Grand

What is Brainspotting?

Brainspotting is a form of trauma therapy that addresses parts of the brain that are often hidden from us. Therapy for Brainspotting is a relatively new form of therapy. One that taps into the body’s innate ability to heal. It reduces and eliminates the impact of unresolved trauma, negative beliefs, and emotional distress.

Furthermore, it accomplishes this by using a unique and powerful combination of specific eye positioning. And, it uses bilateral auditory stimulation (music).

The Creation of Brainspotting

This treatment was created by Dr. David Grand over a decade ago. Brainspotting is the idea that what’s going on inside our brain relates directly to where we focus our eyes. To quote Dr. Grand, “Where you look affects how you feel.” That’s the foundational premise — the motto — of this powerful modality.

Furthermore, Dr. Grand finds there is a very specific and intimate relationship between our brain and our eyes. As a result, whenever we visually scan our surroundings for information, we’re also scanning our brains for our thoughts, ideas, and emotional responses. Therefore, we also may be scanning our brains to find where repressed memories and feelings are stored. Especially those related to something traumatic or distressing.

Photo of an African American man standing outside looking away from the camera. Are you struggling with trauma symtpoms? Discover how brainspotting in Macon, GA can help you begin working to overcome your symptoms.

Many experts in the area of trauma treatment believe that when we become overwhelmed by something traumatic or deeply distressing, the emotional “charge” or memory from that event becomes stored or trapped in our body. As a result, we’re unaware that this has even occurred, but our brain gets altered as a result. It can cause problems on all levels — emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Brainspotting discovers, dislodges, and ultimately releases that trapped energy. So it no longer causes problems in our life.

What Conditions Does Brainspotting Therapy Treat?

Brainspotting aids trauma recovery, usually by helping patients reprocess the traumatic events and retrain their emotional responses. The brainspotting process has been shown to help speed physical healing.

In addition, Brainspotting is used for:

  • Anxiety and panic disorder 
  • Anger issue resolution
  • Depression disorders
  • Physical and emotional trauma
  • Addiction treatment
  • Chronic fatigue therapy
  • Chronic pain conditions
  • Impulse control improvement
  • Stress treatment
  • Issues related to ADHD and ADD 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment
  • Phobias
  • Treating childhood trauma
  • Recovery from injury, accident trauma, and medical trauma
  • Sports performance improvement
  • and many others
Photo of a Caucasian woman sitting on the ground crying. If your trauma symptoms are hard to manage, learn how brainspotting therapy in Macon, GA can help you begin coping in a healthy way.

What Happens During a Brainspotting Therapy Session?

A mental health counselor performs brainspotting as part of a therapy plan. During this process, the therapist watches for subtle reflexive signals. Thus, signals that indicate a brainspot has been detected:

  1. First, using a pointer, the therapist guides the patient’s gaze across his or her field of vision.
  2. When the eyes reach a brainspot, the therapist takes note of its location.
  3. Second, using the brainspots identified, the patient recounts the event. Usually in a deeper and more detailed manner than normally possible.
  4. Thirdly, through gentle guided sessions, specific memories can be reprocessed in a safe environment.
  5. Lastly, traumatic emotions and memories can be fully released, supporting the self-healing process.

Dr. David Grand Explains Brainspotting & How it Helps People Heal. 

Grand developed the brainspotting theory while providing trauma treatment to hundreds of 9/11 survivors. Incorporating his experience as a mental health therapist with somatic experiencing (SE) and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR). As a result, he observes that a fixed eye position is often associated with recounting a traumatic experience.

What to Expect After a Brainspotting Therapy Session?

After a session clients immediately report different results. Depending on what issues are being worked on there is a wide range of emotions that may come up after sessions. Overall, the goal is to help you release trauma and limitations so you can feel lighter and freer in all aspects of your life. 

You might feel:

  • Tired 
  • Drained
  • Emotionally raw
  • Relieved
  • Euphoric 

However, you can expect to continue to process these issues that were being worked on in session 3-5 days after the original session.

Brainspotting with Children and Teens

Photo of a child sitting outside. Trauma symptoms can be hard to manage. Discover how brainspotting therapy in Macon, GA can help you begin working through your symptoms and manage them effectively.

Brainspotting offers people of all ages the opportunity to receive immediate and long-lasting relief. As a result, they receive relief from trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other negative issues and beliefs.

In addition to adults, Brainspotting can be used effectively with children. Therefore, when working with children, we use simple, creative ways to engage the child through play. Based on the child’s age, trauma responses, and attachment styles. Additionally, know that Brainspotting is tailored to meet the developmental needs of the child.

Why Brainspotting Works With Children and Teens?

Brainspotting focuses on the concept that trauma is both experienced and stored in our physical bodies. As the brain holds on to traumatic experiences, tension is absorbed by the body leading to physical symptoms (like tummy aches or headaches). It accesses points of trauma that are deeply stored in the brain. Thus, helping the brain identify, process, and release fundamental traumatic experiences. As well as their subsequent autonomic symptoms.

Trust is Key!

Therapy for Brainspotting requires a deeply trusting and attuned relationship between the therapist and the child. The brainspotting therapist is fully attuned to changes in the child’s emotional and physical needs and reactions. By being aware, they adjust the brainspotting experience accordingly to ensure complete security throughout the healing process.

Who Can Benefit From Brainspotting?

Everyone! Even the littlest of children can experience healing with Brainspotting. Brainspotting offers children and teens hope and deep healing. However, every person’s process looks different. No matter what difficulties they face, brainspotting can offer the chance to:

  • identify
  • process
  • release tension (stress, discomfort, and just all the icky feelings) that inhibits children and teens from living an authentic and full life)

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